Thursday, August 27, 2009

SO much

There is so much going through my head right now, I'm not even sure where to start. It's all a jumbled mess of spaghetti. Lots of change right now.

Completely moved out of my apartment Monday.
(Wasn't sad. Was too tired and sweaty to be sad.)

Slept at the trailer for the first time Tuesday.
(Justin slept at his mom's Tuesday)

Last week of Awaken was last Wednesday.
(I miss them already...)

T minus 10 days and counting till Mr. and Mrs. Good!
(It still feels like forever to me)

2 days till my wonderful friend Skyla gets here.
(Can't wait....we have SO much to do and I need a Skyla-hug)

One week-ish until the CO peeps roll in.
(I miss their faces SO much! NEED to catch up with them!)

Bridal Shower Sunday.
(Just got the living room cleaned up fully...ish)

Remembered about the marriage license.
(Yeah. Going for that Monday.)

Hair fiasco on Sunday...many tears.
(fixed it yesterday, my normal girl agreed to do it!)

Trying to think about joining a small group at APC
(feel like I have no time to make a good decision about it)

Am tired and emotional.
(I'm a girl....the emotional thing was pretty much a given)

Loving eating my almond torte cake
(like 2-3 slices per day. Yum. Yeah.)

Really badly just want to sit with Justins arm around me for a while
(No time really...but we are getting married in 10 days. Should fix it.)

There. You've got facts and emotions.
Welcome to my pre-wedding life.

(I'm so grateful...for everything.)


InHisSteps13099 said...

Yay I made the blog!

Love you!!

See you SOON!!!

ps I still haven't started packing unless you count throwing my shoes and travel caddy in the middle of my bedroom floor this morning ;)

VP said...

Soon you and Justin will be Mr. and Mrs. Justin Good, you will be on your honeymoon and will have each other all to yourself. Hang in there - it's almost over.

Paula said...

I'm so glad Kristen is able to do your hair... that should make you very happy.
You keep eating all the Almond Torte and you won't be able to fit into your dress!!!

Love Ya, Mom


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