Sunday, August 30, 2009

the MAN I'm about to marry... amazing.
and I didn't think I could go another second without telling you all how wonderful he is.

Seriously, my heart is just overwhelmed and overflowing with joy.
For the Lord to allow me to be committed in marriage to Justin Good is more than I could ever have asked for.

This is a man who was worth being choosy for. He was and IS worth years of being picky in who I dated, who I liked. He was worth being single while all my friends getting married. He was worth all the tears I cried as I came home from these weddings because it wasn't my time yet. He was worth the wait. Two hundred, a million times over, he was worth the wait.

This is a man who loves me extravagently. If you think that he tells you often on Facebook how he feels, you should hear how often he tells me. I never have to doubt for a moment his love and dedication to me. He tells me, shows me, proves his love to me over and over and over again, always in a sincere fashion. This man is genuine.

This is a man who loves the Lord, deeply. Justin is committed to serving the Lord, to glorifying Jesus with His life and to leading us, and someday our family, in loving and following the Lord. Not only does He love the Lord, but he is willing to be corrected by the Lord, taught by Him.

This is a man thats willing to admit when he's been wrong. Towards the Lord, towards me. And even though these incidents are few and far in between, he doesn't hesitate to apologize and make amends.

This is a man who speaks volumes with his eyes. He blesses my heart just by the way he looks at me. As if I'm the only woman on the earth. I feel warm and fuzzy inside when he looks at me. It's just this look of pure devotion. Refer back to how often he tells me he loves me and....whoo. It's enough to make a girl swoon.

This is a man who acts like a man and treats me like a woman. He opens doors for me, does the heavy lifting and fixes things when I'm fed up with trying to fix them.

This is a man who works hard at his job so that he might provide for me, and one day our family.

This is a man who believes family takes precedence over ministry. A man who will sit with me on the couch after my night shift, talking, making sure that I feel ok, reassuring me, hugging me even though it makes him an hour late to work.

This is a man who understands what marriage means. What the Lord meant a husband to be to a woman and a wife to a man. Of the covenant relationship we are entering into. He understands and he embraces it. He is excited for it. He is excited to be my husband, to protect me, lead me, provide for me, to be my covering, to love me as Christ loved the church. It's no small feat, to love an emotional complex woman with unwavering, unconditional, covenant love. Yet he embraces it. Can I emphasize that enough? He embraces it. It and I are not a burden, something that he is to do because the Lord says to. This is his heart, he desires to spend his life learning to love me like this.

This is a man that I can laugh and be silly with. We make milkshakes, we watch the stars, we go for bike rides and hikes, we throw Scrabble pieces at each other and flick water in each other's faces while we wash dishes. We laugh! We are silly and mushy and crazy. I love it. I love him.

This is a man who comes home with Java Chip ice cream when he knows I've been craving sweets all day. Need I say more?

I love him.
I'm so excited to be his wife, to learn to serve him, submit to him, raise a family.
I can't wait to give him children. To see his eyes light up the first time he feels the baby kick.
I can't wait for all these firsts in our lives.
First house, first baby, first pet, first time I am called Kristen Good, first time we eat pancakes for dinner. All those great things.

So lastly, I leave you with this:



Jonnie Who said...

There are worse things than being single and lonely.... being in a bad relationship is one of the big ones. I hope you aren't getting married just because you want to be married. I wish you the very best.

Justin said...
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Justin said...

There certainly are worse things than being single. But the amazing thing is that we have found something far better, and it is not only the reason for our marriage, but the source of our happiness as well.

We are getting married because it is the Lord's will for our lives. It is a precious gift that he's given us, and his presence permeates our lives and our relationship.

You see, because we are in the will of God, our actions and thoughts need no defense, they need no other reason or justification.

I thank you for your well wishes towards Kristen, and hope that the words you speak or write may be comfortably out of the will and acceptance of the Lord.

I pray that he may repay you ten-fold for your graciousness, but most importantly, for your actions.

Be blessed.

Jonnie Who said...

No disrespect and/or questioning was meant. Lots of people (and their innocent children) go through a great deal of hurt and pain due to relationships that were not thought out completely before the "dive" into the marriage. I would hate to see this happen to anyone - the two of you included.

I am thrilled that you seem to be yoked by God and I very much sincerely wish you all the very best in your lives together. If God is the center, which I am sure he is, then I know he will richly bless you.


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