Monday, July 27, 2009


I've realized that I miss posting. I also am realizing the fact that I will have very few things written down about this wonderful amazing season in my life. Getting married is a big deal and I think I will write more about it here. How I'm doing, how plans are coming, how I feel about all this change, things I've realized about the Lord in the midst of all this wonderful-ness. Yup. I think I will.

But before I start all that, I want to draw your attention to a sweet little boy in the Midwest. I know most of you hate to read all these sad blogs, but they have really found a way into my heart and I can't help it. My heart just aches for these families.

Anyway, MckMama is a mom of 4 in the Midwest. Her youngest Stellan has persistent SVT. He went into the hospital Friday night to try to switch his meds to something that might make his SVT better controlled. Unfortunately, that has not gone well. Stellan has been in SVT now for 3+ days.

It's not good.

Basically, his heart is beating SO fast that his ventricles don't have time to fill with blood, so his heart is pumping, but is only pumping VERY small amounts of oxygenated blood out into his body. Subsequently, he is pale/blue, has very thready (hard to feel) pulses, is cold (94.7 F) and his kidneys are no longer producing urine because they aren't getting enough blood to function.

They've called all their family to the hospital.
Everyone knows what that means.
It's not good.

Would you all PLEASE please please say a prayer for Stellan today? We know that our God is a God of the impossible, heals the sick and loves this little guy more than we will ever know.

Please pray.

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