Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Quarter of a Century

I turned a quarter of a century yesterday.
I love being 25 (finally).
I'm one of those odd people who LOVE birthdays.
I've earned these years, lol.

I had an odd but almost perfect day yesterday.

I had a best hot chocolate in the cutest French Crepe Cafe in Pittsburgh.

And it's true. I wore the red shoes.

Did I mention I was there with my mom for lunch?
She's amazing.

That evening I met up with a few wonderful girls
I am blessed to be friends with at the Cheesecake Factory
My Dad, Stepmom and brother came as well.
It was a beautiful little family affair.
(And yes, above? We did run through the fountain. whoo!)

Then of course we went to a very expensive boutique and tried on dresses.
None are pictured here...but we found some winners. :)

Here's the funny one. :)

I am blessed.

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