Thursday, April 30, 2009

Goodbye Oakland

Today was my last day working at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh in our Oakland campus.

When I go back to work Tuesday, I will drive to a different city, park in a new place, and walk into a brand new hospital, work on a brand new floor, with brand new rooms, room numbers, nurse phones, call buttons, playroom, elevators, lockers....everything. Even how we give meds are changing. More technology. More computers. More ROOM!

It's a good change and I'm excited.
We've been looking forward to our new building for SO long!
It feels like we've been building forever.
Now it's here and it BEAUTIFUL!

Seriously, go check it out. It's awesome.

It was just odd today working in a hospital that's all packed up.
The things we use everyday are packed up. We're working out of boxes, running all over to find simple things like pens, paper and monitor wires. So funny. It's great.

We're trying to get the census of the hospital down so it's easier to move, but someone didn't tell all the kids with asthma, seizures and gastro illness. lol. We're still pretty full. Almost at full capacity. :) I'm interested to see how this move is going to go.

We've been practicing for months. It will go well.

I just wish I could watch it!
I am off this Saturday when the move starts at 7am.
I'm excited I'm off, but a bit sad, too.

Not everyone can say that they helped move an entire functioning hospital to a new city.
But on Sunday...we'll be able to say that.
So cool.

WHOO! Go Lawrenceville!

P.S. - I posted new pics on the slideshow to the right. I had a ton of fun in downtown Carnegie....about a 1/2 mile from my house. AMAZING place! LOVE the pictures! Hope you enjoy them, too!

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