Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kids, Eggplants and Broken Eggs plus Chicken

Today I got to see one of my friend's baby girl!
[she was playing with my camera case that I made.]

She did not know what the heck to make of the camera
I kept setting in front of her, trying to get a good picture.
[I love this face.]

And here, I am just overwhelmed by her cuteness.
[for real]

Then I went grocery shopping, where I found these CUTE baby eggplants!
[who even knew these existed?!?]

Just look at how cute they are!
[yes, I did buy one to bring home, just because of it's cuteness.]

And then I managed to break an egg trying to pick it up out of the carton.
[yes, I was already at home and have never had this happen to me before!]

Then I made some Chicken Cordon Bleu....and it was good.
[I went overboard on the mushrooms and onions. I like them!]

The End
[said a very sleepy Kristen]

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Paula said...

Thanks for the pictures..... now I'm hungry!


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