Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh dear.

So, it has somehow managed to become *today* (that being January 20th, 2009 - in case you didn't know our new President [i think] is getting sworn in today...i could be wrong) without me ever closing my little brown eyes once. And I wasn't at work. Sigh.

What was I *doing* all night you ask?

Well, I watched tv until the thought of watching more pointless (not very entertaining) entertainment made me want to vomit all over my nice furniture.

Then I moved to the kitchen, where I proceeded to eat half of the fridge over the course of the (very) long night. Thank goodness for those lovely Italian genes that permit me to eat 6 large pancakes as PART of my midnight snack. Oh yes, sorry, I forgot the butter and peanut butter I smeared all over them before dousing them in pancake syrup....heavenly.

Then, I laid on my newly-re-covered-pretend-down-comforter-because-I'm-allergic-bed-covering that is YELLOW which reminds me of settling down in nice fluffy yellow-ness.

--contented sigh here--

I know, I know, that means nothing to some of you. Sorry. Suffice it to say, I enjoy laying on my soft yellow comforter....AND read an entire....let me check...563 page book in approx five hours, maybe less. Eh. It was ok. But not because the book isn't fabulous, it was, but because I feel icky being up all night when I'm not at work.

After book, I ate, again and then proceeded to check for updates on all the sites I read. I can't BELIEVE you all did not ALL post new posts between midnight and 4am. Come on! What were you doing people!?! Ahem, I digress. I forgive you all by the way.

Then I decided to finish reading someone's blog from her first post to where I started reading her blog. I accomplished that goal and read approx 2 years of very enjoyable blogage, where I learned much about raising MSC*.

*that would be "Many Small Children" of which I plan to have someday.

Now, I am here. Writing because it is 6:30am exactly and it is still to early to call someone if you are trying to be polite. Which I am, because I for one hate being woken up myself.

I am still over 12 hours away from the I've-been-up-for-24-hours-mark and I am barely even tired. I could draw blood, reset IVs and give a coherent hand off report for at least another few hours. :)

Let me just say that I am a silly duck. Very silly. I HATE staying up all night when I am forced to. I LOVE staying up all night when I decide to. (and oh yes, that could *lovingly* be referred to as evil wicked sin otherwise known as rebellion in my little heart...not something I try to foster but...eh..I am a sinful human) Tonight, last night, I was forced to, because I did not force my body out of bed before 6pm. (MORE rebellion!) Granted, I did not go to bed until 10am. My body has a little rule that I should be familiar with by now. I need 8 hours of sleep. Count em. Eight hours. Anything less and I am semi-incoherent and need at least five LOUD alarms to wake me up. Silly, I know, but true.

YET, time after time when getting off of night shift, I convince myself to "fool" my body, stay up late (in the morning after getting home from night shift) and then wake up early so that I can go back to bed by 10pm that night and sleep the entire night. I can count on one hand (finger) that the above scenario has actually worked. Since then, I've just been lying to myself. But it's hard. There really is no good way to get my body back on a day shift from working a night shift then to just be miserable for a few days and try to be polite, nice, welcoming, etc to others while I adjust. (Think going through jet jag every two weeks without ever getting to leave the time zone)

While I love my job, I'll be glad for the day that I can trade all these night shifts in. They send me for a loop.

And I am not really that miserable when I'm adjusting, I just feel this way right now since I've been hanging out all night doing nothing. Because the lovely thing is, I am awake enough that I can't sleep, yet tired enough that I didn't even hold up the book I read all night most of the time. It and I laid on my bed. I was using almost NO energy and yet I was still ravenous! crazy.

crazy crazy crazy

and now I have this urge to go sew a multi-colored striped quilt!

Do I know how to make a quilt? Do I have all the fabric necessary for this image in my head? Do I have a child to put under said quilt that I would make? Do I have to time to make this quilt and STILL get my house clean (because I'm still working on that last pile)?


Does that stop me from wanting to try it anyway?


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Paula said...

OH MY!!! I can just imagine you typing away in the middle of the night because you don't know what to do with yourself and you've eaten EVERYTHING in the frig! What a crazy way to spend a night. BTW.... I'll take the quilt! :~)


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