Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Timely Reminder

I found myself pouting today because I had planned to get up early today and spend the day putting up my tree, drinking real hot chocolate and reminiscing about my childhood. Instead I stayed up all night reading a book, went to bed at 7am and thus woke up at about 4pm. Sigh. I'm angry about that....

Anywhoo, I found myself all upset because my tree isn't up yet, cookies aren't even thought about, have no lights up, etc. Christmas is a big deal to me, not just because it's my Best Friend's birthday, but because to me it signifies tradition to me, which to me feels a lot like family....which I love.

So, back to the main story, I was upset about the stupid tree thing and felt I needed a reminder about what the holiday season truly is about. Who cares if my silly tree doesn't go up until January? Who cares? There are no tree police that make you take everything down January 1st. It will all get done, it will be fun, it will be relaxed and most importantly, I will remember to put the first things first.

This was a good reminder for me tonight. You go Linus!


Tara Marie said...

no worries! The Eastern Orthodox Christmas is on January 7th :) No rush!

Ashley W. said...

Josh wouldn't let me watch the linus clip. We've ordered the movie and waiting for it to come in the mail. I'm supposed to wait til then to watch it... :)
And, I wrote an entry. Finally updated my blog.


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