Saturday, December 20, 2008

Grey's Anatomy

The past few weeks at work, I've had several critical situations. I feel like I'm on Grey's Anatomy!

Last week, I had to bag a patient (breathe for him with a bag that forces air into his lungs) and this week, I had to hold pressure on a patient who was hemorrhaging! Crazy! I even had to walk all the way down to the ICU holding pressure leaned over his bed....very dramatic, but was totally necessary at the time. Again, CRAZY!

Who am I kidding? I love it.


Steven said...

Wow, that is pretty intense.

Have you gotten to yell something like, "I need 50 cc's of adrenaline stat!". They always do that in the hospitals on tv. No matter what's wrong with the patient, they always need 50 cc's of something.

kristen lorenze said...

Yup. I need 60mls of O negative blood stat yesterday and I did get to yell that. It was pretty cool. Except I didn't say stat, I said, "NOW!" :)

Jamie said...

i'm pretty sure that 50cc of epi would make the patient very dead even at standard dilutions... lol

and you should totally say "stat" for fun ;-)

kristen lorenze said...

Um yeah...I'm pretty sure of that as well....


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