Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Hundred Things a Day

We all do hundreds of things every day. Hundreds of small, mundane, insignificant things. Laundry, buying milk, refilling the soap dispenser, changing the sheets, planning what to pack for your lunch. Pick something. It's all mundane and small. Ordinary.

Sometimes these ordinary things make you feel less than extraordinary. You wonder if you've failed. You wonder if you had just done _________, maybe your life would be more than ordinary. You think, maybe your life is mundane and small because you've made it that way. Sometimes our lives are so ordinary that we forget that extraordinary could be right around the corner.

Think about this.

Moses was 80 years old before he ever began to walk fully in his purpose. I imagine he felt like a failure at least a few hundred times in those 80 years.

Rahab, a prostitute, spent her entire life never knowing that she would be anything more than a simple girl, before those two men begged her help and she became part of the family. The family that gave way to the birth of the Man who would grow up and save the world.

Jesus waited 30 years to reach out and heal someone. He was a man moved by compassion. Sick and dying people are a part of life, they would have been all around Him. How much did it kill Him to not heal, to not raise the dead when He knew He had the power to, just because it was not yet time? He might have felt ordinary in those moments.

Jacob spent 14 boring, mundane years, 7 of which he was tricked into, just to enter into the life he imagined. A life with the woman he loved.

Abraham. Need we even talk about Abraham? He was old to begin with, and then was promised a newborn son with his gray-haired wife. He waited years after that promise even, to see fruition.

Did you get it? Sometimes our mundane, boring, ordinary tasks are just that. But sometimes those mundane tasks are simply preparation for the extraordinary that you will one day become. They are preparation for the Lord to take your life and shake it up in the most amazing way. And preparation in the sense of the word means waiting is involved. Sometimes all you are supposed to do is wait. Even though it's hard and yucky. Maybe, especially because it's hard and yucky.

James 1:2-4

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Ashley W. said...

Thanks. I needed to hear that.


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