Monday, September 22, 2008

Did not....

I did not stay up until 4:30am yesterday night knitting and re-knitting my first sock, just so it could be done.

I totally did not enlist my (ever so loyal) friends to paint a room in my house for the 10th time. That would signify a decorating disorder. Really.

I did not skip Spinning Class at the YMCA on Saturday morning just to have a girl's night sleep over with my bestest friend on Friday night.

I absolutely did not wake up for 11am church service this morning at precisely 11am, notice the time, roll over and pull the covers over my head.

I really did not eat 4 of the large sugar cookies I made yesterday for my friends.

I did not become distracted by the MOUNDS of yummy, beautiful, soft, fluffy, colorful at Bloomin' Yarns last week. AND while I was there, I most definitely did not go out of budget and buy lots of nice soft yarn so I could knit my first sweater.

::big sweet smile::

I did not just look at my at my YMCA's exercise schedule and decide that Cardio Sculpt is just not worth going to bed early for.

I totally did not just decide that I could stay up and work on my new sock for a little bit longer even though it already is 1am.

I did not get out of bed today at 3pm.

I did not push a wobbly, stiff, annoying shopping cart around Giant Eagle today because I was too lazy to go up front and get a new one.

I did not eat only pretzels, cream cheese, salsa, pink lemonade, and cereal with soy milk today.

I did not spend time surfing all the blogs I follow, instead of folding the clean laundry sitting next to me.

I absolutely did not spend a good amount of time cutting out coupons and writing a specific sale-based grocery list only to forget to use my coupon for my most expensive item today.

This post brought to you courtesy of MckMama.


This Monday officially marks the start of "Not Me! Monday's".

MckMama has a great list over at her blog of things she "did not" do during her week. You should go check it out and read everyone else's list. It's pretty funny.

Basically you post a list of things that you did do, but would like to pretend (for the sake of the list) that you "did not" do them.

Be brutally honest with yourself once in a while. And be funny.
If you want to post a list of your own, go check out the rules on her page.

1 comment:

sunnyviolas said...

I love this idea!
it shows our human sides. I'll try one:
I did not fall asleep during the video in psychology class today

haha that was fun!
ps do u know why google never lets me sign in on ur page?


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