Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sailboats and Raincoats yet again

Here are the finished products from my art splurge Sunday night before I went to bed. I finished them up today. Hope you like them.

<--- "Sailboat 001"

They are both hand crafted by me. I used scrapbook paper, a few magazine pages and a lot of rubber cement. (I like cutting things out much more than doing them on the computer. It's easier for me.)

This one came about because I made the rain drops for Sailboat 001, and then decided they made the picture look sad. It is definitely a happy sailboat. BUT, the raindrops were entirely too cute to throw away, so I made another picture for them!

<--- "Ducks in a Puddle"

The funny thing is, I was not planning on ducks being a part of this picture. I finished it and stared at it. It was missing something. Hence, the ducks and the flower's in Mae's hand. Yes, her name is Mae. SallyMae. I just named her.

I like them. They are cute.

P.S. - I know, the names are not very original, but what can I say? I'm really bad at naming things.


sunnyviolas said...

I love these!! they're so friendly and innocent. And I think the names work because they sound like names of really famous art. :)

Ashley W. said...

Very nice! Good job, Love! Since I don't have babies like Shellie, can you make one for my babies that I don't have yet?

Steven said...

I like. Very creative. And don't worry about the names. I always felt when I tried to name one of my stories that I never got the right name for it.

At least yours depict the picture accurately. ;)

*~JESSIE~* said...

I found your blog through your prayer request comment on MckMama's blog. I love your art work! Your idea for the blanket that wraps people in his word is wonderful! I would love a blanket like that for my little boy! When you get them done let me know, my blog is at I'm praying for you!


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