Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Overnights #8

I do not think that I ever have that much to say when I'm working overnight.

I really just post these to have something to do during the 3-5am time when my eyes are oh-so-sleepy and the patients are all sleeping. Luckily for me, they all ARE sleeping tonight. :)

(trying to think of something interesting to say)

Oh, I wore my cool new Disney scrub top today to work. Everyone loved it.
(Thanks Mom!)

My goal lately: To go deeper in my relationship with Jesus. I want to pray more often and pray honestly, even when it's not pretty. Overall in my life, I have trouble communicated when something is wrong or not right, even with the Lord. I'm working on that. It's beautiful and SO uncomfortable.

I am reading a book of a collection of quote from Mother Theresa right now and some are really great. I might post a few in the upcoming days.

okay. I still have not found my phone, obviously since I'm at work. BUT, I am going to search my car thoroughly when I get home and after I sleep. Maybe I will find it soon. (shrug) Or not. It's kind of nice being disconnected.

P.S. - Painting party at my house this Thursday evening, wear painting clothes, I'm making spaghetti. Let me know if you are coming! Thanks!


InHisSteps13099 said...

come make me paint my house...

Ashley W. said...

oh...I'd be there if I were there... have fun!!!


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