Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Today in summary

Days never go as you planned.
I had several posts planned for today, but none will be here. Which is ok. :)

I was going to tell you about my sister's 21st birthday and how amazing she is (she is!), but I ended up driving her around to different doctors today, trying to figure out why her poor eyes became red, irritated, burning and almost swollen shut overnight. Poor lovely. What a way to spend your 21st. On the couch with eye drops.

I also just wanted to comment again, on Jim Elliot. Sometimes I get way ahead of myself, and in longing for what has been promised, what I had planned on, I lose track of the blessing and responsibility of today. I lose the simple truth of His love and who He is. What really matters here on earth and for forever, is the truth of WHO HE IS. Everything else truly is details, and should come in second place in my life. He reminds me often....maybe I'll get better at this as I get older. (smile)

I did buy my birthday camera early because it was on sale and we just couldn't pass it up. My birthday is not until May 1st. I love my birthday, because I love May. You know May 1st was a pilgrim holiday said my little story book I had when I was a kid that said something special about every day of the year. I used to read my page over and over again. lol.

Spring is here....almost. It's still chilly in the shade, but today I opened the windows. Something about sitting the sun, feeling it's warmth, hearing the noises of outside stuff, feeling the wind in my hair and the silence of the neighborhood at 2pm in the afternoon...uh. I can't explain to you how perfect that feels to me. Everything just feels right in my world when it's like that. I feel lighter. It's nice.

I love pregnant people. I love pregnancy. I love babies. I love fabric. I love color. I love drawing, making things pretty. I love making kids laugh. (How can you not love the laughter and logic of a 3 year old? Best thing in the world.) I love yellow in my kitchen and I will love white in my entry way and green in my living room....someday. I love reading. I love Jesus more than all of that (even more than chocolate and ice cream....remember that game on the bus, Ash?) I love memories, too.


Yes, I think that's all I had to say for today.


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I agree with Skyla. Off to have dinner with my mommy and daddy!


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