Saturday, April 5, 2008

Car Accident

So, I hurt my back more than I realized in my car accident on Tuesday. I went to work overnight from Thursday to Friday and by Friday morning as I reported off, I could barely keep tears from rolling down my face.

I came home, called my doctor, slept for about 4 hours, went to the doctor, went to the chiropractor, cried as each doctor touched and examined my back, then went to the pharmacy where my doctor had called in an anti-inflammatory med and a muscle relaxer.

I had planned just to take the anti-inflammatory med, b/c I KNOW that muscle relaxers make you VERY sleepy and such, but the ice packs and the anti-inflammatory med weren't cutting it. After about an hour, I took the muscle relaxant and laid down.

That was at 4pm on Friday.

Today, I am still dizzy from it and unable to walk in a straight line. Tis a very odd feeling to not be able to feel most of your body. Now, that means I am no longer in pain, but as it wears off, I can feel the pain coming back. SO, pray for me. There are many other things I would like to be doing besides laying on the couch, waiting for the dizzyness to pass.

In more interesting and more important news, if you all remember I had posted a note on Facebook a while back about a couple I knew from Teen Mania whose newborn daughter had died at birth. Well, sadly, I read today on Allison's (the wife) site that her mother passed away after a bout of cancer. This news breaks my heart. You can read Allison's site here. The Lord is comforting them greatly, but please take a moment to pray for them. They just found out they are pregnant again.


Steven said...

Sorry to hear about that friend. We'll(Ricky, Dean and I) pray for you to feel better and for your friend Allison.

Get better, that's an order! ;)

InHisSteps13099 said...

It was good to talk to you even if you were dizzy ;-)
I prayed for you and Allison.

Esther_B said...

Hi! Are you a part of the Teen Mania family? I am a Graduate Intern at the Honor Academy. I am praying for your friend. God bless you.


kristen lorenze said...

Yes Esther_b, I am from TM! :) I was there from 02-04 as an undergrad and then as an LP (now called MA's.) I worked in ATF promo both years.

Esther_B said...

Cool! I worked in ATF Ops my first year, now I supervise the Marketing team as a GI at the new campus in Minnesota, where I'm also enrolled as a student at Bethany College of Missions. Nobody outside of the TM family would understand all that! lol
It's nice to meet you! What are you doing now?


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