Friday, April 11, 2008


So, I totally hurt my back - again. At work. MAN!

I can't sit/stand/lie for very long in any position and I am WAY drugged up on stuff so it doesn't hurt as bad. I've got ice packs, heating pads, Misty Edwards and my mom on the way, so I'm ok.

Do me all a favor though and pray for the "Get off your But weekend" that is happening this weekend with Ground Level. I was supposed to be there. I'm not leading it, but my Student Leaders are. My wonderful, amazing, brillant Student Leaders. They've done a seriously awesome job of planning and executing this entire event completely by themselves.

Vic, Katie, Myranda, Kiera, Kelsey, Steve, Marshall, Garrett - You guys are awesome. I am SO proud of you. I know Jesus is, too. :)

Other than that, I'll be home, on the couch getting better. Feel free to call. If I'm not sleeping, I'll pick up.

I might post pictures later.


Ashley W. said...

Aww! Sorry bout your back :( I'm getting a cold again... And I LOVE your layout! Beautiful!

InHisSteps13099 said...

Sad day!


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