Saturday, March 8, 2008

My Hospital Stay

So, after years of working in a hospital, I finally (unfortunately) experienced being a patient in a hospital.

Let me tell you....that was odd.

I was admitted for abdominal pain and was there for about 36+ hours. Here are just some things I learned:

1. Not all nurses are bad nurses....I had only great nurses and doctors.
2. Surgeons really are their own special breed of people.
3. You really don't get ANY rest in a hospital. The longest I slept for one time overnight was 1 hour.
4. I understand why patients often feel misunderstood. It is very hard to accurately explain what you say and then what you meant, when you are tired and in pain.
5. That chicken broth I always encourage patients to's awful and disgusting. I will never recommend it again.
6. Hospital jello is NOT real's grosser.
7. If you get admitted to the hospital after an ER stay, you don't have to pay your co-pay. (YEAH!)
8. It's really SUPER boring in the hospital once you start to feel better. Everyone should have access to the internet.
9. The beds are surprisingly comfortable.
10. IV fluids make me get the chills....and there at not enough blankets in the world to make me feel warm.
11. I am an awful patient. I much prefer being the nurse.

So, now I'm home, resting. Getting over the "stomach virus" they decided that I must have picked up at Children's. I really need a better immune system. :)

I'm feeling better...still no appetite, belly still feels odd, but now I am getting bored. I really should start to be productive soon. My kitchen still has dishes that need


InHisSteps13099 said...

glad you are feeling better

Ashley said...

Aren't there always dishes? ;) I like this site a lot. Josh used to have one like yours. I'm glad you're feeling better, too. Miss you. Think about you often.

Chris Davis said...

You should let us know the next time you're admitted (as if you will be...). I felt bad not knowing that you were in the hospital.


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