Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Just to be honest

Sometimes there's nothing more that I can say to the Lord but, "I need you and I want you." Over and over again. I don't get tired of saying it, and I don't think He gets tired of hearing it. I want more of Jesus. Anything and everything He has to offer, I want. Really simple, nothing too crazy, but I want Jesus. I want to be more hungry for Him. I want to want more of Him everyday that I breathe. I want to experience Him everyday, not just on Wednesdays and Sunday's. I want His face, next to mine, breathing on me.

I want Him for me, for my church, for my students, for my family. We all need Jesus. Badly.

I want Jesus.

It's not a perfect want, but it's a want.
And for that I'm grateful to Him.

Ground Level tonight, my church's youth group, had 46 students attend. 44 of them came down to the altar to tell Jesus that they want more of Him in their lives. (!!!) Praise Him. For real. THAT is what I am talking about. More, Lord. More.

He's sooooooooooo good. And I love Him.
Again, I'm so grateful to Him, and if I had a better word than "grateful" I'd use it, but right now I don't. So I'm just grateful.


Steven said...

That was truly an amazing night.

Tara Marie said...

I gotta get more of the KING!!

So stoked that your youth group is seeking Him! Woah, love it!

I totally subscribed to your blog on google reader because I love K*LO!


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