Thursday, March 13, 2008

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Come with me on an adventure. One that takes us to a land far far away (okay, Canonsburg). A land where they build America's Drive In Restuarant.....duh duh da!


Today, my friend Bethany and I went to Sonic. Here is the view from my car window.

Oh my goodness! All this yummy stuff to choose from. Shall I have a Cream Pie Shake or a Slushie, or a Limeaid, or a Toaster Sandwich, or a Sunrise Shake or a Sonic Blast? (Cheesy tots were never in question. I was getting those.)

YAY! This is me with my carefully selected food choices. A Sonic Jr . Burger with cheese, a regular order of cheesy tots and a Strawberry Limeaid. (and my tummy smiles)

Bethany was pretty happy, too.

The beloved Cheesy Tots.

My tummy is about to smile here as the cheesy tot heads towards my mouth!

Ahhh. Two girls, a long long way from home (ok a 1/2 hour!) smile in appreciation at the North, who has finally decided that it likes Sonic, even though it snows a lot here. Oh yeah.

The End!


Ashley said...

Ha! you are the awesomest person I know, Kris :) Nice photo story!

Dean said...

See? I TOLD you there was a Sonic nearby. (well, sorta nearby.) Funny story!


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