Monday, February 18, 2008

They Knew...

So, I've been reading in Isaiah lately, and I won't pretend that I understand it all. I don't. I'm just trying to get through it at this point, but every now and then something jumps out at me.

This morning I was reading Isaiah 26:18.

The first thought through my mind: They knew.

The Israelites knew. They knew what the Lord's plan had been from the very beginning. They were to be His people, His holy people. The Lord would prove Himself strong to them time and again. Through those wonders, all other nations would look and see that the God of Israel was faithful and true, and they would turn to Him and worship. Israel was supposed to be a nation to showcase the Lord's glory and provision. They were supposed to bring the rest of the world to their knees in worship of the Lord. But they didn't. They failed.

In the portions of the Old Testament that I have read, I have seen over and over Israel asking for God's forgiveness, for His provision, for His favor, etc. They are always asking for something - boldy! I always wondered if they knew....if they really knew how badly they had screwed up the purpose the Lord had for their nation.

The answer to that question would be, yes.

They knew their failure. BUT more importantly, they also knew their status, who they were. They knew that they were God's chosen people, His holy nation, and that AS SUCH, they had permission and privilege to call on the Lord irregardless of their failure and sin.


What's the last time you held back from asking the Lord for something because of failure and sin?


InHisSteps13099 said...

I've asked the Lord and he has given me an answer and I'm still waiting on my decision based on my fears...failures... and sin...

Steven said...

Good observation.

We must be confident to go before the Lord, even in sin.

That it is not by our actions that we are made holy, but by the blood of Christ. And when we recognize the value that the Lord puts in the Blood, then we will know that even when our actions are poor in choice, we can confidently lay ourselves before the Lord, in our wretchedness, and He will still love us because of the blood and continue to work in our lives.

But we must recognize the value of the blood.

You have written a good reminder of that.

Very good observation.


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