Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dirty Dishes and Princess Hats!

These are my numerous dirty dishes in my kitchen, that I am not so excited about. I seem to be rather busy right now, with the Girls Retreat 2008 coming up at church this weekend, and the dishes seem to have gotten left behind in the dust. Poor little dishes. Thank goodness for roommates who sort, organize, rinse and then clean section by section. :) Also thank goodness for paper plates.

Speaking of the Girls' Retreat, this is my Princess Hat for it and I am SUPER excited about the pink-ness of it! :) You see, we are all supposed to bring our best princess outfits. I saw this today while I was out with one of my girls, loved it and just knew that I had to have it for part of my princess outfit. I tried it on when I got's totally awesome. Yay for princess hats!

Today's Thought: How much growth would we see in our lives if we worried about what the Lord was concerned about, instead of all the other stuff that we worry about?

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