Monday, September 10, 2012

38ish Weeks!

How Far Along: 38 weeks

Size of baby: Mini-watermelon
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Up 22 lbs from pre-pregnancy weight
Maternity Clothes: Not getting any more, even though my selection is limited right now because I will soon NOT be pregnant!
Gender: Surprise. Feeling boy most days.
Movement: Decreased movements, which is normal for this stage....babe is still squirming, just doesn't make as big of movements as he/she has before. Still getting kicks and punches and hiccups...just lil ones!
Sleep: Up every two hours, if not every hour. When I can go 2 hours or more in a row sleeping, I rejoice.
What I miss: Sleeping well and moving how I want to without hurting. 
Cravings: Cheesecake.
Symptoms: Feeling better these last few weeks actually, other than dying from sweating every now and then, poor sleep, reflux/heartburn (not as bad as it's been!) and achy hips/pelvis and lots of pre-labor contractions. Nothing serious.
Belly Button in or out: Most firmly out.
Best Moment this week: My hubby. Everything about him. (again!)
Milestones: Baby is almost 40 weeks!
Looking forward to: Labor and delivery. Really.

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