Friday, October 21, 2011

New Plan for the Head

I went to Dr. Shaw last week. He spent an hour with Justin and me discussing why he thinks I have migraines and how I can feel better. We talked not just about my head, but about other concerns I've been having. Things like being itchy all the time, thirsty, tired even when I sleep for ten hours, nauseous, odd pains in my side/back and I could go on. I had written down every symptom I have had over the past five years and still currently have. The list took up three notebook pages. I'm 27 and I firmly believe I should be feeling better than this. I knew there had to be a solution, not just to my headaches, but to feeling better in general.

We talked about a lot at the appointment. Dr. Shaw's explanation of my biochemistry made sense and his theory of what is wrong inside of me fits all my symptoms. He drew pictures, we asked questions and I cried. It just all seems so obvious now and simple. It won't be simple to fix, but it's fixable and I'm excited for that. I won't go over biochemistry here, because I'm tired of explaining it and I can't do it justice on the internet. I'm just going to list things and hopefully, it'll all make sense to you. If not, that's ok. It makes sense to me.


1. Low iron/anemic
2. Adrenal fatigue
3. Systemic yeast overgrowth
4. Overworked liver
5. Probable estrogen dominance
6. Migraines (obviously)

1. Iron vitamin, three times per day
2. Adrenal support vitamin, three times per day
3. Probiotic once at night (for now, might up it later)
4. Liver detox vitamin, twice per day
5. Nothing, this should fix itself as the adrenals are fixed.
6. Magnesium twice per day, B vitamin three times per day and an elimination diet

I'll talk more about the elimination diet in another post. I think that's rather enough for now. For the record, I'm taking pills at four different times each day and I'm ingesting 16 pills per day. It's all a little overwhelming right now, but I just keep hoping and praying that it will work in the end. If it does, then all this is MORE than worth it. 

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Ashley W. said...

Yes. It'll be so worth it! Wish I could be doing this with you or doing anything else to encourage you. You're doing great!!!


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