Friday, June 17, 2011

Change in Plans

Well, the neurologist had given me a script for methergine to break the migraine. Yup. If you read the link, its used to stop uterine bleeding after a birth. Oddly enough, it helps heads, too. Love off-label uses of meds.

Anyway, been taking this for two days and not liking it. Crampy/sharp abdominal pain, heart palpitations/fast heart rate, hard to remember when I took the last dose, need to take it three times per day and oh yeah, my head still hurts and I'm still nauseous. Add onto that the events of last night which included not sleeping. At all. Not one wink. Up and down all night, tears, frustration, resignation, etc. All there. Sleep? Not happening. After 26 hours of being awake, I was able to fall asleep for about three and a half hours. And yup. Now I can't fall back asleep. Grr. Still exhausted, but feeling much more rational now.

I never have this problem. I am the girl who can sleep anywhere, anytime for any length of time. You name the length, I'll sleep it. Put me in a car? Sorry, you wanted to talk?? So sleepy..... The women in my family have a unique ability to SLEEP. We all to go to bed at midnight? Usually ten am, the first one rolls out of bed and goes and pokes the other one who groans and rolls back over. Yeah. We're good sleepers.

Anywhoo. Not sleeping is not normal for me and the only different thing I have done different in the last two days is the methergine. Took the first dose Tuesday night and didn't sleep well, very restless. By the time I had five doses in, wasn't sleeping at all. Plus, I always get the odd side effect from meds and this felt like a med reaction.

Had anxiety in the middle of the night about how this was going to affect my head. Remember? Solid sleeping schedule = less headache? Wondered what not sleeping will do to the headache. For the record, it's not much worse.

BUT, still nauseous, light sensitive, pony tail sensitive and with pain. Now with abdominal cramps. And heart palpitations. Yay.

So called the neurologist. He said to stop the methergine. Check, did that about five hours ago. And go pick up some steriods. Check, asked hubby to stop and pick up on the way home from work.

Le sigh.

(At least I did Wal-Mart today and was too blurry to feel too nauseous with all the bright lights and such. Yay for shopping, boo for driving so tired.)


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