Thursday, April 21, 2011

Neurologist Last Thursday

I went to see my neurologist on Thursday. I know, I know. I am going to go see an ND and I don't think what the neurologist is saying is working anyways, why did I go see him?

I like him. He's a nice guy and smart! His philosophy of headaches and such makes sense to me. I'm a nurse and I try to be a good patient. Good patients make and come to follow up appointments. I see no reason why I can see both the neurologist and the ND and blend the two worlds together. Truthfully, I would LOVE to get off all the stuff the neurologist has me on and be able to go back and be like, "I am migraine free and med free! Thank you, but I don't need to come see you anymore!"

Yup. That would be awesome.

Anyway, this is what he said:

1. You can't have a baby on impramine, so you need to get off it. But since you can't get off it without a LOT of headaches, we are going to put you on something else that is not as bad for little babies growing inside of you. It's called Prozac. (Yippee! sarcastically I say in my mind.)
2. Because Prozac has made you have panic attacks the last time you took it, we are going to start you out at a 1/4 dose for a month, then a 1/2 dose for a month, then a 3/4 dose for a month, then full strength. Maybe then it'll help your migraines and hopefully you won't feel like you need to crawl out of your skin or vomit up all your solid organs.
3. Also, you should take folic acid since you are going off birth control and could accidentally get pregnant.

Let me say something here.

There are no accidents. When the Lord wants a baby somewhere, He puts them there. No accident. But anywhoo, we are not trying to get pregnant, but I am getting off my birth control patch as it could and does cause me headaches. Okay, back to the neurologist.

4. Take more Imitrex and less Aleve cause you don't want a hole in your stomach.
5. Exercise and come back in 6 months, off imipramine and on Prozac.

What I came home and did:
1. Upped my imipramine to 38mg ish, because I am tired of hurting and it's going to be a while til I can come off of it anyway, but I am coming off of it, so whatever.
2. Make a little cranberry and Prozac dilution (1mg/1ml) and started taking 5mg every night. Let me tell you, meds crushed in juice is AWFUL! Or at least the Prozac is, NASTY.
3. Started taking Imitrex instead of Aleve.

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