Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hello there.

I worked on the yard today. All day.

....Well, not all day. But it sure felt like a long time. In truth, it was about 3-4 hours. I'm not sure what time I started. BUT I was VERY productive today!!

I went to Home Depot, realized that the color mulch we originally bought, which is down in half our landscaping beds, was sold out. SO, I bought another color similar to it. 6 bags of it. I came home, spray painted primer on a PURPLE plastic planter/bench that has been an eyesore. I then spread out 3 1/2 bags of mulch on our front, very large landscaped bed. (I think this fall, I might just plant some bushes along the back and be done with half the space! It's huge!!) Then went to the landscaped bed in the back that was a wreck. Half filled with leaves, random things that fell from the deck, LOTS of earthworms, weeds and I'm supposing (hoping) some flowers. I tried to pull the weeds and keep the flowers but cleaning it out took me the better part of an hour I think! Then I had to level it. I loosened up all the top dirt with our big shovel, then got on my hands and knees and spread it all out. By then, I was pretty tired and dirty. BUT then I went and spray painted a first color coat on the plastic primer. Then I poured mulch into the newly cleaned and leveled landscape bed. I then finished spray painting the planter/bench, but it needed time to dry, so I grabbed my gramma's old gliding chair off the porch and started spray painting it, too! I got most of it, but got tired and stopped. No mind though, I will just buy two more cans of spray paint, finish painting the chair, spray paint the swing and make cushions for the chair AND the swing. It will look beautiful, I am sure! By then, the planter/bench was dry. So I shoved it back into place under our pine tree, filled the planters with dirt, planted some little Snapdragons (praying it's not too early for them to be outside!!) and took a deep breath. Sigh. THEN I cleaned the yard and decided I was done. SO, I came inside and dyed my hair and stained most of the shower wall trying to rinse it out carefully. Didn't go so well. I'll be cleaning those walls with some bleach and rubbing alcohol. I'll let you know how it goes.

I threw dinner in the oven (potatoes, flounder fillets and veggies). Don't be impressed, I shoved fish and veggies into little foil packets with seasoning and oil and let them bake at the end of the potatoes time in the oven. Very tasty. Then I finished reading a book I started to read while I was sitting on the bathroom floor, waiting until the timer went off so I could rinse my hair out. Sigh. It was a GREAT book.

It was a great day off. I am tired, sore and SO very happy that our outside is looking more and more beautiful!! I can't WAIT to get some fabric and sew new cushions. It'll look snazzy.

Ok, I am tired and should go to bed now. AFTER I fold my laundry and wash my dishes from dinner.

....totally should have waited to finish that book, but it was SO GOOD! It's always hard to put one down once you get past the mid-way point. Sigh.


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