Saturday, February 27, 2010

Modesty and Swimming

Swimsuits are a point of contention for me.

First of all, I hate shopping for them just as any normal woman does. They all seem too small, don't cover the important parts and they make me look pudgy. I am not pudgy. I object to little pieces of spandex and lycra making me feel inferior. I won't have it.

Second, I truly believe that as a Christian woman, there are certain things that ONLY my husband should see. This causes many shopping crisis. You see, a lot of those things are not covered by the average bathing suits available at the store. Not cool.

Thirdly, all of the bathing suits that DO cover those intimate parts are ugly. They are usually black, covered in huge tropical flower prints, with unflattering necklines and huge bunches of material around your butt in an effort to appear like a skirt. Um, I may want to be modest but I am not dead. I want to be modest AND cute! I think that is a reasonable request.

It seems that the industry has responded, at least a little bit. I am proud to announce that I have found some very reasonable, cute and modest swimsuits at Target this year. In fact, I've already bought one for myself. It's a cute polka dot black top with a halter strap and a swirly black skirt. I LOVE IT.

I thought you all might want some options this year, so I've checked out Target's site and found some cute modest suits for you!

This white and brown one piece with a skirt is cute!
I absolutely adore this bandeau one piece beauty. It comes in PLENTY of colors and is SO flattering. I loved it when I tried it on. What they don't show, is that it comes with a optional halter strap! YAY!
Paisley print one pieces are so cute.
Another great shirred bandeau option.

This page is all their tankinis. There are some GREAT options for modest coverage.
Finally, don't forget the skirts. They don't look awesome on the page, but they look SO cute on you!

Enjoy being covered and beautiful this summer!

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