Friday, November 6, 2009

Too Many Cookies....

Many people joke about gaining weight when you get married.

Let me tell you.
It's true.

HOWEVER, I will attest that it is not because we were just recently married. I attribute it to the fact that we like each. A lot. In fact, we like each other so much that when we were dating we spent all our free time together. All of it. Including the shopping-for-healthy-foods-time, the going-to-the-gym-and-working-out-time and the making-your-food-and-eating-at-home-time. You know all those important things that we (pretended) to do before. It started then. A year ago.

Um. Yeah.

Poor eating habits and no exercise is not our problem. We're just in love and enamored with each other rather than paying attention to what we eat and when the last time we moved off the couch was.

Yeah, that's what I thought, too.

So, Justin and I have decided that a little weight control is in order here. We're both at the heaviest we've been in years. So, we've started to try and address this issue. Here are a few things that we'll be trying to help us get "back to normal."

1. Advance Menu Planning!
Planning out all our dinners 1-2 weeks in a row. This way there is no question about what we're having and I ONLY go to the store to buy what we need. No extra high calorie ingredients in this cart. Saves on the grocery bill, too!

2. Stop when you're full!
Self explanatory. It is not necessary to feel full all the time. Truly. It's ok to feel a little empty at times.

3. Drink WATER!
Everytime you are hungry, drink water. You're probably only thirsty. Little Weight Watchers secret there I learned along the way. Keep water everywhere.

So, wish us luck and more exercise. We'll keep you posted.

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InHisSteps13099 said...

guess you'll need to take the apron off ;)


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