Sunday, November 1, 2009

Married Life

I can't think of a cute way to start this post out, so I'll just say it.

Justin and I are different. In many ways.

Yes, it's almost been two months and we've discovered in many ways that we are different. In some things it's laughable and cute, in other things we can't understand why-on-earth the other would do it that way! The thing that has really been eye-opening for me is the subject of cleaning and organizing.

I thought I was a clean person. I picked up, swept the floor (when it was visably dirty), vacuumed the carpet (when I couldn't remember the last time I did it), organized the closets (when things began falling out and I was bored) and generally kept dirty things away from clean things (like laundry). However, it has become clear to me since marrying Justin that I am a different type of clean person than him. Really, that's just a nice way of saying that overall, he's cleaner than me! Let me show you.

Justin washes the dishes before dinner, while making dinner and after dinner.
Kristen washes the dishes right before they get moldy.

Justin rinses dishes he puts in the sink for easy cleaning later.
Kristen lets the dishes dry out in the sink so they won't grow mold as fast.

Kristen buys groceries and puts them in the fridge, reorganizing so they all fit.
Justin reoganizes the fridge after each grocery run so that everything is easily accesible.

Kristen buys food and leaves it in the cardboard containers they came in.
Justin buys food and immediately takes everything out of the cardboard containers.

Kristen takes out garbage when it starts to smell.
Justin takes it out when it's full.

Justin does a load of laundry 1-2 times per week so it never builds up.
Kristen does all her laundry ONCE a month in a laundry blitz.

Justin scrubs the top of the stove when it's dirty.
Kristen scrubs it when it starts to gross her out.

Kristen works on organizing projects when she feels like it.
Justin works on organizing projects a bit at a time all the time.

Kristen organizes by placing things in piles.
Justin organizing by finding things a home and putting them there.

Whew! So yes, we are different. We're both learning to adjust and give grace and help when necessary. We have not fought over these things, but there have been tears on my part. It's not Justin's fault, I just know I should be cleaner and I feel guilty when Justin ends up doing all the cleaning.

I am adjusting. Really, I just had to look around for my big-girls-pants, pull them on and get to work. This week (since the tears) I'm trying the clean a bit every day thing. It's going well. Justin has noticed and thanked me and it hasn't been too bad. The house is cleaner. Well, it doesn't look destroyed somedays and spotless other days. We're finding a happy medium.

Overall, marriage is great, even when it means changing and adjusting.

I'm just thankful that he chose me. (I still look at him and just wonder that God gave him to me. I am a blessed woman!)


InHisSteps13099 said...

Love and ::hugs::!!!

The Kings said...

Great Post! I can totally relate!
Now with 5 kids in the house my poor husband has to frequently just take a very deep breath and let it all go. :)
I have enjoyed visiting your blog!
Thanks for stopping by mine!
Lori King


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