Friday, October 23, 2009


I am still here.
Still being in love.
Love coming home to my husband.
Loving being married.

I love lots of things right now and think my life couldn't be ANY more perfect.

Justin is even more amazing than I ever thought and we are more different than I ever thought.
It's wonderful.

Hard and wonderful and oh so worth it.
But, truthfully, there are more wonderful moments than hard.

Trying to wrestle up some determination to study for my CPN (certified pediatric nurse) test this Monday....but failing miserably. The puzzle, cooking, eating, reading fun things on my swing knitting and loving Justin have won out more times than I can count.

The only thing I am relying on is that I don't feel a crazy urgency to study. Usually when I need to, I can't deny it in my spirit and I just haven't felt that way about it. Of course, I could be totally wrong- I might need to be studying like crazy and will fail because I didn't. But then I could pass easily and be glad that I didn't waste beautiful fall hours with blue skies studying.

Oh well. Whatever. I should study. No excuses for my laziness.

Life is good friends, Jesus is sweeter than ever and I am enjoying this time to dive into both.

P.S. - The chocolate pots and tomato soup from The Pioneer Woman's blogs site were AMAZING. Actually the chocolate pots were downright dangerous. So dangerous. Don't make it. Really. You might love it too much and want to drink the entire batch in one sitting. And no. I didn't. I restrained myself. A bit. :)

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