Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Best Part of My Job... 5 year olds. Seriously.

Today I had a waaaaay hyper little boy. I was outside his room getting ready to come in and he popped his little head out of the door.

him: "Hey you! You are my nurse!"
me: "Yup! Hi patient!"

him: "Guess what? I can be anything!"
me: "You can? Awesome! Can you be a bunny rabbit?"

him: "YES! I CAN!"
me: nod my head encouragingly.

He then starts jumping up and down screaming, "I'm a bunny, I'm a bunny, I'm a bunny!!!"

Hahaha. So cute. I almost busted out laughing.
Five year old are awesome.

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Paula said...

You say that now!!!


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