Saturday, May 16, 2009


So I figure I should update.

Don't really know what to say. Life is beautiful. Adjusting wonderfully to having a wonderful boyfriend who blesses me each and every day. SO thankful for him. And, have I mentioned that I like him? A whole, whole lot. :) is, normal. lol. That is, crazy sometimes and wonderfully calm at others. It's all a mix here at Childrens. We are LOVING the new hospital. all the gadgets and stuff are actually mostly working as we were told they would. Amazing, I know.

Family is good....right guys?

Etsy is....on hold right now. Back in January I really felt an urgency to get the shop worked on and up and running. However, as of late, the Lord has been encouraging me to take a step back from all the busy-ness, relax, and enjoy this season of my life. So, that I am doing. I am jujst enjoying LIFE right now. It's so full and good. Another Day Forever Designs will open...but all in good time.

And Jesus is, as always, patient, loving, kind, tender...yeah. I'm always learning new things with Him and it's good. I like growing....which is also good, because I don't think I'll be done anytime soon. In fact, probably not for eternity.

Ok, hope you all are well.


Paula said...

Thanks for the update.... I was going into withdrawal!!

Alison said...

what an awesome frame of mind: stepping back, loving life, and listening to Jesus.:) so glad to read this!


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