Friday, May 29, 2009

The Journey

I am in the process of reading "Dating Delilah" by Judah Smith with our Student Leaders at church. So far, it's been a really great book. Very straightforward, practical and encouraging! It's so amazing to read a book on purity where you walk away feeling convicted not condemned, and encouraged to strive for more of Jesus in your life. I like it.

So, I'm on chapter 3. I absolutely LOVE this one point and just had to share with you all.

He states that we have to realize that purity is a process, not a point or a magical-all-at-once-transformation. It's a decision we have to make daily. "Why? Because purity is not a line we cross, it's a direction we take."


It's so easy, when pursuing purity in your life, to mess up and then just want to give up. Because you've prayed again and again, given it over to the Lord again and again, and yet STILL you mess up. It drives you crazy, makes you feel guilty and tells you that you're never going to be "free" of this sin. It defeats you.

What we fail to realize is that we don't become like Jesus all at once.
We don't become sin-free all at once.
It's a process.

So, instead of crying defeat when you mess up, you go to Jesus, admit your disobedience and rejoice that He has grace for you and forgives you. "When you understand the work of God however, you will recognize that stuff coming up is a natural part of the are being given an opportunity to decrease so that God can increase in you."

"He must increase, but I must decrease" -John 3:30

I just think that it's awesome.

Hallelujah that life with Jesus is a journey. An exciting adventurous journey where He's constantly showing you new things, loving you, forgiving you and making you more like Him. Amen.

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