Saturday, April 11, 2009

True Obedience

I had thoughts this week on obedience. Or rather, the Lord gently reminded me about some thoughts.

Tuesday was a great day. I got home from night shift, slept a little bit, then got lots of stuff done around the house. People were coming over at 6:45pm to carpool to a concert and I was ready on time. Yeah!

However, all through the day, I felt the Lord calling me to sit down with him and just read His Word. I'd grab a piece here and there and just really kept putting it off. Finally, here was me sitting down at 6:30pm (almost 6 hours later) putting energy and focus into meeting with the Lord, praying no one arrived early so I could read.


As I sat there, realizing how very little time I had left in which to even say hi to the Lord this quote came to mind: "Delayed obedience is not truly obedience at all".


Hearts that are truly submitted to the Lord in everything, including schedules, plans, hopes and desires, wants and needs, react immediately to His command or request. True obedience is loving, immediate and joyful, not delayed or done grudgingly or in anger/discontent. (How often and easily my heart forgets this!)

So, as it ended up, I spent most of those few precious moments repenting of not coming before him sooner. He was still faithful to bless me with an amazing scripture/thought in Acts and a few things for later this month. He's always faithful, even when we are not. It was a good reminder for me.

The End.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kristen.

This is something that I've thought and thought and thought about many, many times.

I do believe that the LORD wants us in a place of instant obedience. When He gets us to that point, His Kingdom will be manifest through our lives in an amazing way.

However, I think PARTIAL obedience is worse than DELAYED obedience... there's a difference.

Remember the parable Jesus shared about the two sons... Matthew 21:28-32

ALL of that to say...

I commend you for holding the bar high for yourself. We all need to do that for ourselves. BUT at the same time, don't beat yourself up too much because you DID obey... and He has your heart. Lean into Jesus. :)


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