Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I am just so satisfied/content/happy tonight.

The Lord is good. He is SO good to me and I just don't have enough words to express that to you right now! All I want to do is just get on my piano and just sing to Him. He is beautiful. And were it not 4am and my neighbor wasn't sleeping in the room directly under my loud piano, I would do it. And it would be beautiful. Just Him and me. I might just go sing.

I sat on the floor tonight and cut out paper hearts and rolled wash clothes up into BooBooBunnies. Sounds so silly, and you all probably have no idea what a BooBooBunny is....but it makes me happy.

I had a rough patch in my night at work Sunday night into Monday morning and my manager and I were talking about it Monday morning. She apologized that it was so rough for me. My reply? "It's ok. Someday I'm going to get married, have babies and cut things out of paper and fabric. Cause it makes me happy." ;0)

Life feels perfect. Hard, yes, detailed, yes, confusing, yes, but SO wonderful. Literally, I just want to throw my hands up in the air and dance around my living room in my pajamas. Because it's just that great. I just love doing what I love to do and right now it includes pianos, fabric, google eyes, glue, paper, ribbon and Pslams with Jesus.

(by the way, Bethany I miss you!! We haven't talked in like DAYS! AH! What is wrong with us?)

I. love. it.
thank you Lord.

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