Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kristen has a full house

And I don't mean like in playing cards. I mean like 4 adults and two babies sleeping under my roof tonight. And I love it. Although, 4 adults = one sick, one on the couch and two feeding/changing a baby every two hours will most likely equal very little sleep. Actually, looking back on that list, the one on the couch is fairly comfortable. That'd be me. :)

I love being used by the Lord.

I haven't been posting a ton on here, but I've been writing a boat load in my journal. I finally finished filling up all the pages. (!!!) That darn thing has lasted me almost a year and a half. Guess I finally have stuff to write about, huh?

I've really been seeking Him lately. He's been working on my heart, like always and just really in the past few weeks has captured my heart all over again. (Isn't it great how He's always wooing you, teaching you, enjoying you, loving you, forgiving you?) I've been convicted of areas in my life, have repented on my face, have cried out to Him, trusted Him and just plain tried to obey Him when He said to relax and trust Him.

I read Psalm 131 for almost a week straight and just sought His heart...or rather, He ran after mine. :) (Isn't it always that way?) I just tried to be, to rest in His presence, to love Him, and it's been amazing. He's always amazing, but some days, times and prayers make you just want to put on a twirly skirt, let your hair down, tilt your head back and twirl with your arms open wide as fast as you can to just collapse in the grass laughing with the sheer joy of the motion. (At least that works well if you're a girl. If you're a guy you could....shoot something???lol.whatever.)
Yup. It's been one of those days today and I am grateful.

He is good. I am full of Him and I want more. He is above and beyond good. He is play-as-loud-and-fast-and-great-as-you-can-on-the-piano-standing-up-good. AUGHH! I could just BURST (if my house wasn't full of sleeping/sick people)! He is good.

Today I prayed to know Him, to know His heart, to be fully known to Him, to love His people, to open my ears, soften my heart and just remove anything that keeps me from Him. I asked Him to prune all the ugly off my branches and to be His in every way. I just want Him.


Sometimes, don't you just wish He would come down, scoop you up, hold you and never let go? But then in the same breath you realize how HOLY and AWESOME He is and you worry about dying at just the mere glimpse of His shadow. (Not that dying because of seeing Him would be bad, mind you, just rather inconvenient for all the other people in your life.)Sometimes, you just want Him to be IN you and fill every part of you. I mean, He's already in you, but sometimes don't you just want Him to explode out of you? You know, be REALLY in you?

Ugh, it's late and I know I'm not making much sense, but that's ok, because this is my blog, Jesus is good, it's going to be 50 degrees tomorrow and I have a house full of beautiful people (babies are sleeping under my roof people!!).

He is good.
I want more.

Praise the Lord.

Oh, and I made a hat today. Check it out. :)
Cute Hat


Tara Marie said...
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Tara Marie said...

I absolutely LOVE Psalm 131


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