Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mumble Jumble

I honestly have so many thoughts running through my head right now, I don't know what to write about. Thoughts and ideas racing through my gray matter....but just not enough will power to sort through them and write. Although, when I do have time and focus, I think it will be good.

I just finished reading the Ragamuffin Gospel last night. It has changed how I think about the Lord, in a good way. I've really been blessed with being able to relate better to Jesus, how He feels about me and just our relationship in general. Some really great sweet times with Him have followed and I am enjoying His greater presence in my life. It's just....sweet. beautiful. life changing. gorgeous. immense. I love Him.

I am also almost done reading through the entire Old Testament for the first time. That has really blessed me as well. Although I've read most of, if not all of, the New Testament, I'm excited to start reading through that as well. Uh, I've been thinking about all the great stuff in there for months and now I can finally sink into it, instead of just skipping ahead every now and then.

I am getting a piano tomorrow and it is pure blessing from Jesus. About a year ago, I felt the Lord nudge me in the direction of picking up playing the piano/keyboard again. So, I've practiced more, gotten involved with worship team at church and am just trying to be faithful. BUT, it is so hard without an instrument in my house. I prefer pianos, but never thought I would get one, so I've been praying for a keyboard, either to get one or to be able to afford one. THEN, out of the blue a friend offers me a piano for free and I actually got someone to move it up into my second story apartment at a decent price. Praise the LORD! I am so excited, mostly about what's going to happen now.

I am also cleaning and reorganizing my house. I have limited work hours this month because I used my holiday time, so I'm going to have lots of time, which I LOVE! I just really needed this time to refresh after the holidays.

AND, last but not least, I have updated my sidebar "Things I love". Jesus has just been softening my heart in some old directions and some new ones over the past year and few months. I really just felt it was high time that my blog reflected that change. In this category are things that I really love, pray over, and support and I wanted to share it with you. When you have some free time, browse through these sites and ministries. It will bless you.

P.S. - new pictures will be coming soon, I just haven't had time to edit and select them, yet! (Surprise, surprise)

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Jamie said...

Hey, so I was just talking to my friend Sarah Pelc, and she's like "I met this Kristen girl today who knows you"...small world! So I'm curious, how in the world do you guys know each other? LOL

Hope you enjoy the piano, I'm glad you can use it! Let me know how the move goes, peace!


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