Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Bathroom Saga

Life has been chaotic lately. Actually, I think it's just my house that's chaotic, but somehow that always makes everything else seem crazy, too. SO much cleaning and organizing to do over the
next week that I'm off on vacation. I do have to go to work overnight tomorrow, but then I'm off until the next Saturday. :) Whoo.

Oh life....

I'm getting a piano and I decided to redo my bathroom with my Christmas money. I've uploaded pictures for you. I like the bathroom, but I don't think I'm in love with it. It's prettier than before. The right word would be "satisfied" and "content". I am satisfied and content with the bathroom. No more painting it. Because you know I did that twice. :)

Here you go!

The bathroom before...actually when I first moved in in 2004,
but it really didn't change that much.
I replaced the white plastic with a cute brown basket...but that's it.

The shower first one that I ever bought actually.
It was $40 and I got it at Bed Bath and Beyond.
I used it for 5 I think it was worth the money.
Although, I actually kept it turned to the opposite side most of the time
which was yellow, orange and pink thick stripes.

The redo!

The wall of pictures so you can see it.
And yes, that is a little cute $0.50 plant that I hope to keep alive.
I mean it's right beside the sink and water,
so I can't forget to water it, right? Right.

The beautiful rugs that match my shower curtain
that my mom bought me for Christmas.
Actually the towels in the picture above are from my mom, too.
I got a whole matching set of white and pink towels. Thanks Mom!

Close up of pictures.

More close ups. Do you see yourself in there anywhere?

And, some of my favorite people. :)
They are above my light switch.


Steven said...

You should get my mom to fly out and she can help you with your cleaning. :)

sunnyviolas said...

looks great! you're talented. and i can tell it was ikea inspired.

quarter-life lady. said...

Your bathroom is so nice. I like it.

Question: have you ever read The Shack? It seems like a book you'd enjoy. Just wondered.

kristen lorenze said...

Thanks Akirah!

I have not yet read the Shack and I don't know if I will. I've read most of the reviews and I'm torn. BUT, I haven't been obviously enough torn yet...I'm just not itching to get at it quite yet.

Jonnie Who said...

Your father looks really old and in ill health. Is he?

kristen lorenze said...

Actually no. He works out and bike rides or walks the dog every day. He averages 3-5 miles per day. He's 64 and just likes the salt/pepper hair look as of late.

Jonnie Who said...

I'm surprised he's not ill - he certainly looks like it. What kind of dog do they have?

kristen lorenze said...

I think it's just the picture that makes him look like that. He looks really young in person. They have a German Shepard.

quarter-life lady. said...

Ya, I know many of the reviews are mixed. I certainly don't believe everything expressed in the book or view it as the Bible, but as a work of fiction it does offer an interesting perspective that causes you to think about some things. I'm enjoying the story and appreciate the emphasis on having a closeness with God. Hope you're well!


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