Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Abby Riggs

Hi all.

So, I know you are used to me finding all the saddest stories of sick little kids on the internet, reading their blog for months and then telling you all about it! Well, I'm glad you are used to me because I have another precious little girl I want you all to pray for. :)

Her name is Abby and she was adopted when she was six months old into this amazing Christian family of two parents and seven children. She was diagnosed in July 2008 with Leukemia. Her parents and siblings are all beautiful and it is beautiful to read their blog and hear the faith in their "voice" over the internet. They are amazing.

Abby is a cutie, but she has several things working against her. She has a VERY aggressive type of Leukemia, she has a genetic condition which makes her four times more likely not to survive the first year of treatment and she is entering into the most dangerous part of her chemo tomorrow on January 14th. It will take 60 days and a lot of Jesus for this part of treatment to be over. Unfortunately, if she survives, she might even have to do this part of chemo over again.

So, now that you know all about her, please take a second and pray for her.
Here is the link to her family's blog if you want to read more about this amazing family.

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