Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ikea Shelves with Chelsea (!!!)

Preparing to drill. Ready?

The actual drilling. I must admit,
it was really fun to drill holes in my wall.

Yay! One finished sturdy shelf!

Yay! TWO finished sturdy shelves!

Screwing in the screws manually.
Yes, I know that is not how you are supposed to hold a screwdriver.
It was working, ok? :)

Ta-da! Three finished sturdy shelves.
And before I moved my desk to be center under the shelf configuration.

Tonight. SOME stuff on the shelves,
but more stuff on the floor.

The finished product for tonight.
Final organizing and sorting will come over the next week.
This girl is tired...but happy.
I am going to sleep!

1 comment:

Tara Marie said...

wonderful shelves!

I need to come visit you :)


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