Sunday, September 7, 2008

So Sorry

I've been lacking in the posting area lately. I know. I admit it. Tis a sad thing. So sorry for this lack. I've been busy. I have lots of blogs written in my head, but no time to actually commit them to internet-space. Again, sorry.

SO, let me leave you with one-half-blog. It's the blog idea that doesn't quite make it to a full blog due to the authors incapacity for 24 hours of time without sleeping.


I decided to see how much money I could save and how much healthier I could eat if I clipped coupons and followed the weekly sales. I bought a Sunday paper, carefully clipped coupons for all the items that I buy, and painstakingly read over the weekly sales. I then made a (detailed) list of everything that I wanted to buy. I was thinking of what meals I could make with what was on sale in the back of my head.

AND IT WORKED! ::huge smile:: I bought almost all organic, brand-name products for exactly the amount I usually budget out. I got to buy STEAK with the money I saved from coupons. (I am VERY excited about eating steak for the first time in AGES) I saved $12.46 using coupons and buying weekly sales. (!!!) That's a huge savings over a year's time and I didn't have to buy hardly ANY no-name-brand-yucky-cardboard-tasting-foods because they were the cheapest.

That's right, bow down to me. I am the Princess of the Grocery Store!

I am just so excited for all the yummy healthy food I bought!
Thank you all for humoring me.

P.S. - I think I called three people to tell them about my grocery-store-awesomeness today. (they love me.)

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Ashley W. said...

Yes, I do love you... and you make me smile so big!! I love your texas photos! Yay for Christa Jones! I mean, Dame. I've been busy, too...I pretty much feel like I'm tired all the time. I hope I get used to it. I went shopping with my birthday money saturday! Got a few cute shirts and a new pair of jeans. I'm gonna get rid of all the jeans I don't wear because I have a LOT of jeans, but don't really wear them all. That's my justification for buying a new pair. Sorry this is long. Love ya!


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