Thursday, August 7, 2008


Today I've...

supercleaned my house
learned my roommate was moving out
cried to my best friend on the phone
finalized plans to visit Ohio
dropped my sister off at a bar
made enough food for lunch and dinner to last four days
talked to the Lord
sat outside in my rocking chair
contemplated what to do with my soon-to-be empty guest room
already asked the Lord to provide another roommate
received peace from the Lord about all of it (He is bigger.)
read Ezekiel
been laughing happy and tearful sad
thought about calling my mom
slept in till 11am


now I am off to watch TV and knit until my sister gets home. Then I need to hem her pants for her interview tomorrow! 9:30am. Please pray.


Steven said...

Quite a day. ;)

Paula said...

Why did you call your Mom? and thanks for taking such good care of your sister... you're the best!

Paula said...

Correction... Why didn't you call your Mom?


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