Monday, July 14, 2008

Vinegar does the trick

So, Hannah, the vinegar killed the mold in my shower. Really easily. However, it nearly killed my lungs and eyes as well, lol.

So, I have some recurrent black mold in my shower and I've been trying to get rid of it. Recently, I read that vinegar does the trick, followed up by a scrubbing disinfectant, plus light and a fan.

Well, I had a bit of coffee yesterday morning and was still up scrubbing the shower at 2am. lol.

The vinegar did take an entire layer of brown off my tub, which I haven't been able to remove since I moved in. (YAY!). However, I still have some mold stained spot along my caulking. I have a shower set-in that was placed over the original tub sometime long ago. Well, I think water's getting underneath the set-in and that's why I can't get the mold out of the cracks. SO, I'm going to call my landlord.

However, the tub looks beautiful.
Sorry Hannah, I forgot to take pictures.


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