Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ground Level at the LA Dreamcenter

I went to the airport today to say goodbye to all our teen and leaders heading off for a week of missions at the LA Dreamcenter in California.

We sent approx 20 student and 4 adults. Just about all of our core teens. They are so amazing. This is their picture. I love them all so much. They really do amaze me. We are going to miss our 10 outgoing seniors!

Please pray for them this week as they minister to the people of Los Angelos. For many of them, this is their first missions trip, their first time to reach out to people they do not know. Pray their words would be effective. Pray for boldness and favor. Pray for the Spirit of the Lord to pass before them on the street, protecting them and softening the hearts of the people. Pray for salvation, for deliverance, for miracles. Our God is a God of the impossible. Pray for people's hearts and eyes to be opened to His love, mercy and righteousness. I love Him.

Here is their trip blog that they are updating while they are there. Go check it out! :)

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