Saturday, May 31, 2008

Overnights #11

Back to another week and a half of overnights.

I'm finding that the more time I spend rotating, the easier it is getting to rotate and still "be normal." I am adjusting and I have a "routine" down for getting onto night shift and coming off. I have adjusted my expectations of myself, and life is settling down. It's going well and I'm happy.

I'm reading in Jeremiah right now. Sometimes it's hard going, but really, most of what I see is the jealous love of the Lord for His people. I read today about false prophets that were prophesiying in the name of the Lord. I think it read like, "And God said, they prophesy in my name, but I did not speak to them." He talks all about how the false prophets have lead the people astray, but this is what is amazing about our Lord. He doesn't just throw His hands up and let the people be lost. He has a plan. HE will return the people to the truth if the leaders won't speak the truth.

Even disobedient humans cannot stop the will of the Lord, it will be accomplished with or in spite of them.

I like that.
God is bigger than us and our stubborness and sin.

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Ashley W. said...

Yeah...God is much bigger. I've been watching a bit more tv than usual lately (school's out) and i'm noticing false prophets ALL OVER THE PLACE! I guess, well, they don't prophesy in the name of our LORD, but they preach things about life and have views that are totally false. It's making me angry. There are millions of people watching these tv shows and hearing nothing but junk. I grieve. Oh, Lord, save us all.


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