Saturday, April 26, 2008

Worker Bee

I've been working. a lot.
it's okay. I did it to myself.
I signed up for overtime.
So, I've worked 4 days out of the past 5.
Yeah. I know.

There have been a few highlights.

1. The difficult mother of a notoriously difficult chronic patient said that she loved me and wish she had me as a nurse all the time.

2. Cake at work. YUM!

3. Getting home in time today to catch the evening light for a quick photo session with the outdoors.

4. I got to take care of a patient with a disease I've never taken care of before.

5. Falling asleep on my pillow every night. I'm tired.

6. Dreaming. Asleep and awake. Dreams are good for you. They help you hope. And make things better. And find out who you really are. :) I like dreams.

the end.

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