Sunday, April 20, 2008


So my amazing roommate and I went walking around Crafton today. We each took our cameras and took some beautiful pictures. The neighborhood is full of cute little houses with sidewalks, huge front porches, amazing color choices and bea-u-ti-ful purple flower trees and dogwoods full in bloom. (happy sigh.) The day was a bit gray because it rained, but it was still so refreshing to be outside after a long winter. I love spring.

You can check out a few of the pictures I took in "Photos I like" section of my sidebar. ---->



sunnyviolas said...

nice shots! i wish i had a straight shot looking down steuben street with all of those cherry blossoms. but it could be hard to not get run over of course...

kristen lorenze said...

So funny Victoria! After I read this comment, I went down to Steuben street and tried to get some pictures...didn't really get any GREAT ones. Some cute ones...but you're right, there really is no way to get a straight on shot standing in the middle of the road. I considered doing that, but decided, in the interest of safety, not to. :(


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