Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Overnights #2

Still at work.

Still have a screaming child, who is thankfully not next to me anymore. Different child from last night, but screaming none the less. He's been awake and unhappy since 4:15am. Note the time of this post. That would credit this child with an hour and forty-five minutes of straight screaming and crying WITHOUT falling asleep or throwing up.

Amazing. Really truly amazing. I did not know that was possible...but yet it is. The wonders of children never cease to amaze me.

I had the most loving moment tonight with another older child that I'm taking care of. She was sad today that I couldn't spend more time with her playing cards and then I put her to bed at midnight and she's been sleeping ever since. I went in and checked on her at 4am and realized that she was cold and all curled up in a ball. So, I went, got another blanket and tucked her in properly. I smoothed back her hair, put her head back on her pillow and made sure every foot and hand was tucked underneath the blankets. She'll wake up and I'll be gone and she won't know it, but I've watched over her all night, taking care of her. It made my heart happy and made me excited to be a mom. :)

Now, the screaming child on the other hand.....well, I'm just happy for nurse's aides who are willing to rock him when my shoulder is all used up from the kid's snotty tears, my arms ache from holding and my patience has worn thin.

My prayer tonight: Dear Jesus, PLEASE make this kid fall asleep. please. pleasepleaseplease.

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Ashley said...

Wow, that's really sweet...and good preparation! It's so nice to hear the good things you get to do at work.


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