Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Improved Dining in Pittsburgh, PA

So, I am very excited about two new restaurants here in Pittsburgh that I recently found out about. I love these places and have VERY fond memories of 3am pancake runs and Cream Pie Shakes after church on Sunday's. Of course, I became addicted to these things while I lived in Texas and then moved back up to PA and have been deprived ever since. This makes me smile.


Cream Pie Shakes.
Sunshine Smoothies.
Anything your little heart desires added to your favorite soft drink.

International House of Pancakes

I've been told the building is up.
I still need to drive by.
But apparently, we shall be able to partake of pancakes and lingonberries quite soon. :)

Doesn't it all just make your tummy smile?


Steven said...


InHisSteps13099 said...

You make me smile :-D

Chris Davis said...

IHOP isn't a rumor the building is fully up... they just need to open the doors.


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